The Swiss Army knife called You

My opening address for the 25th February meeting was as follows:

This is a Swiss Army knife. What is this well known for? That’s right, that it has multi-tools and is handy.

When you need a particular tool, you just flick it out, and you can use it.

Which of you don’t have a Swiss Army knife?

Toastmasters, please tell those around you, who claim they don’t have a Swiss Army knife “You must be kidding us”.


All of us are a Swiss Army knife with an assortment of skills.

The difference is the combination of skills that each of us has.

When you need a skill, if you have it, aren’t you glad that you are equipped? You just tap the skill, like you flick out the tool in the Swiss Army knife, and use it.

Or if you don’t have the skill, don’t you wish you had picked it up earlier?

Opportunities reward people who are prepared.

Which of you don’t need to give presentations?  Why are you here then?  It’s the same for me, I don’t need public speaking skill for work, but you’ll never know when you would need to address an audience, especially if it is a make or break occasion for you.

But a skill becomes rusty if you don’t use it, so you should flick out this tool frequently, use it, sharpen it, to make sure it’s still working effectively.

Hence, applying this logic, should you do your projects diligently, participate in meetings actively? You know better.

You could test your skill and guts as well by taking part in contests. Our contest is held on 11th March, it’s not too late for you to sign up now.

Let’s sharpen our tool now. Toastmaster of the Day, over to you.


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