In love with public speaking

Here’s my opening speech as President for the meeting on 11 February 2017

I was at a function a few days ago. About 40 of us were standing around.

The leader of the host organisation clutched the script in his left hand and his right was holding a microphone.

I was standing on his right, less than a metre away. From where I was, I could see there were only two paragraphs on his script.

Shortfly after he started delivering his speech, he placed his script on a table, tucked his left hand into the back of his trousers. Then he passed the microphone to his left hand, freeing his right hand to rest it in his pocket.

From time to time, he read from the script and moved from side to side. Then his left hand in the back of his trousers again, followed by his right hand in the trousers pocket.

I didn’t hear much about what he’s saying because his body was busy talking to me instead.

Unknown to him, his fidgety body language had betrayed his nervousness.

At that moment, I thought to myself, thank goodness I’ve joined Toastmasters. While I am still a long way from being a consummate public speaker, at least it is work in progress. And I’ve been consistently practising giving a speech to manage the nerves.

Along the way in my Toastmasters journey, I have developed a love for public speaking. From reading books and watching YouTube clips. I came to appreciate that public speaking is more than speech delivery and taming the butterflies in your stomach.

I am fascinated by how harnessing the power of words and injection of humour, can bring a speech alive and make a speaker charming.

What about you, have you fallen in love with public speaking?

Don’t miss our dates with public speaking every second Saturday and last Saturday of the month.


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