7th January 2017

Opening speech as President

Good Afternoon, Toastmasters and guests. We’re into 2017, what plans have you got for the new year, and for your Toastmaster learning journey? 

A way of planning is using what you’ve achieved last year as a blueprint, and build on it in the year ahead.

On this, do you remember how many projects you did last year?

If you dont remember, you might want to refer to the spreadsheet Jean painstaking drew up, for us to track our progress.

I once read about how a toastmaster did one project every month. You decide on the subject in the first week, research the second, draft your speech in the third, and practise and deliver it in the fourth.

And how many projects do you plan to do this year? If you need a little push, let us know, Jean and I are ready to give you that nudge.

Sometimes work gets busy and we don’t have the luxury of time. If you aren’t able to deliver a prepared speech, how about taking on table topics? Better still, volunteer for appointments too. Best if you would be part of the executive committee for the term beginning in July. Let us know if you would like to serve the members and at the same time add a valuable experience to your résumé.

Furthermore, you might want to try your hands at contests to challenge yourselves. Our contest will be held on second Saturday in March, you can now start working on it.  

If you have any ideas for meetings, please let us know. We’ll see how we can incorporate them in future meetings.

We hope you have a fruitful 2017, and a happy learning journey at Kampong Ubi. 


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