Ha Ha Ha…

It had been quite some time since our meeting had so much fun. But thanks to Toastmaster Angela, who spoke on laughter yoga, and got us laughing, lifted our energy level and broke the ice among members and guests.

Coincidentally, we were assessed by the area director Jacky at this meeting, so we were lucky to have Angela spiced up the meeting.

Angela would have been the club President but her work projects assigned to her last minute made her give up the post and I took over.

Besides Angela, I’d like to highlight Prabhakar’s commendable effort. He was the Toastmaster of the Day for the first time and he not only had a script but also emailed it to us before the meeting to proofread.

Taichi spoke about his job interview for his Humorously Speaking manual. Toastmasters didn’t appreciate it when he said:

“One of the common questions you may be asked during job interviews is ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ I found the correct answer to this question… ‘in a mirror’.

He also talked about his experience but his experience wasn’t peculiar to him as it reflects the current situation most employees are facing:

I learnt important lessons from this experience. Preparation is most important for job interviews. This is especially true if I am doing the same job for many years. What I do every day may not be necessarily helpful to get me next job.

An even more important lesson was that this experience made me realize, although I was working very hard in my last job, I did not try to expand my knowledge or improve my skill.

But Taichi being the optimistic Taichi said:

There is one good thing that I did not expect. While I studied for the job interviews, I found computer science very interesting. So, I am still studying it now even after I got the new job. Thanks to this experience, I like what I’m doing more than before.


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