Resigned to Resignations

I am barely three months into my term as President of Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club but I have received resignations from Vice President Education and VP Public Relations.

Sheila requested to quit as VPE before  the term started because she found the load overwhelming but I persuaded her to try out.  She did give it a shot but she resigned last month.

Though Jean has replaced her, Jean said she was promised someone to hold the post together with her. There was until Chen Kuang quit as well.

Currently, we have earmarked Taichi as the second VPE but he needs time to settle in at his new job. I would be VPE in the meantime while waiting for him to take over.

Last night, Michelle resigned from the post of VPPR. It’s already not easy to replace one post – VPE, there’s another now to be filled,  where do I find suitable candidates who are committed?

Commitment is a responsibility that must not be taken lightly. Work should take priority and I agree but when one takes up a post, one shouldn’t give up easily. Could they get help or find alternative to manage?





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