100% results vs 50% commitment

Hesperus shared with us on how he has a body of a 17-year-old when he’s in fact 30 years old. The tip is exercising and for him, it means hitting the gym. He admitted that there were days when he didn’t feel like going to the gym but he JUST DO IT.  He also said, “How can you have 100% results when you only have 50% commitment.”

Well said. It doesn’t only apply to exercising but everything we do. My eight-year-old niece, as she was then, when asked by me as I was doing my master’s, if  I should stay at home (where I tended to take long naps) or go to the library for revision, her reply was as pithy as Nike’s slogan – do the right thing.

We all understand but it seems that we are simply not doing it. As what Hesperus said, it is all about your mental will.

Seeing only over 10 toastmasters turn up for these past two sessions – we’ve over 40 members – I rode on Hesperus’ speech and reminded attendees that while absence makes the heart grow fonder, their absence has been greatly felt.  And they must put in the commitment to see fruitful results.

But I am guilty of not putting in 100% effort lately. I almost forgot about the opening address to be delivered and didn’t practise enough. As a result, I had to refer to the script though it was a brief speech and I had omitted mentioning Edwin for his help in Taichi’s job-search.

But I singled him out in my closing speech to give him the recognition he deserves.

Lesson learned: don’t be lazy or complacent. Practice makes perfect and you would never be wrong for over practising.

Besides referring to script and omitted to credit Edwin, I also didn’t sound convincing in the opening address.

Neither did I exude confidence or sophistication in my closing speech.  Though my speech to wrap up the meeting drew on what Hesperus had said – encourage members to attend meetings regularly and stay fully committed, my delivery wasn’t smooth.  There’s huge room for improvement.

I need to improve my evaluation as well. While I had never done it, it’s not an excuse to put up an unsatisfactory performance. My evaluation did not have a proper structure and I didn’t summarise the contents in closing. I need to do more table topics to train my reflex responses.








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