Perfect 10

There were only 10 of us at the chapter meeting on 27 August.  Occasionally, we do see a quieter and as a result shorter meeting because of fewer attendees.

When I was checking with Toastmasters if they would be doing their projects at this meeting, many of them replied that they wouldn’t be attending.  As a result, Toastmasters like Taichi had to take on a few roles.  He was the Sergeant-At-Arms, the Toastmaster of the Day and an evaluator.

I told him it seemed like he was running the whole show.  He had participated in Table Topics segment as well, being the first speaker selected by Table Topics master Tricia.  He always impresses me.  He said while he is over 40 years old and having hit the performance plateau in marathon running, he would still expect to improve his performance.

Prabhakar presented “Diligent” as the Word of the Day.  Tricia, Taichi and Pradeep told Prabhakar that he had shown improvement in his public speaking.  When he delivered his maiden speech, he was nervous and stiff, now he was confident.

Not only this, Prabhakar knew that he was busy and didn’t have the time to prepare a project but he tried to participate by volunteering to do Word of the Day.  His attitude and spirit were commendable.

Jun hoped to do Table Topics 10 times in a year and also learn diving, when he shared his goals during the Table Topics segment.

There was a bright spot this past week.  Taichi has got a job, after months of searching.  Thank you to Toastmaster Steven who helped to set up an interview for Taichi. Taichi said that it had been a learning experience for him in attending interviews and learning to answer the questions.  The last time he looked for a job was five years ago and it was done in Japan.  This serves as a timely reminder for all employees: stay up-to-date with your skills including the ability to handle interviews.

(Left) Prabhakar presents Word of the Day.
(Right) Perfect 10

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