9 July Meeting

“Signs of Running Addiction” is a topic that does not seem interesting, least humorous.  But the inhibited Taichi successfully pulled it off in making it his humorous speech – and won the Best Speaker title for it.

Just two weeks ago, Taichi said he hadn’t had a topic for his maiden humorous speech, and we were told he doesn’t usually have a script for his speeches. But he had us having a good laugh over:

(a) why some marathoners engaged in the long-distance activity – for bragging rights on facebook;

(b) how running seemingly an inexpensive sport but led him to splurge on not one, not three but 11 pairs of running shoes;

(c) why he would get irritated when people describe marathon as a 10km run because the correct definition for marathon is running a distance of 42.195km; and

(d) his reason for running marathon – beer drinking, which tastes better after running.

Besides his entertaining speech, he shared that he runs 40km-50km a week or 200km-250km a month. Wow, it’s impressive, he must have had a strong stamina – not only from running marathon but also engaging in free diving/apnoea.

Rookie Chen Kuang was busy rehearsing for his project one at the front of the room before meeting started last Saturday (9 July) .  People who are studious and serious about their work always impress me.  Though he had a momentary lapse in recalling his speech and at times displayed nervousness, he generally looked natural and he has a good command of English. He said that he wrote a program for his superior in military that drastically reduced the time required for a task from an hour to just seconds.  I bet he’d have very bright prospects in the information technology industry.


Chen Kuang






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