Delicate Balance

An Exco member said she couldn’t sustain and she’d like to quit.  Our term has barely begun.  Upon checking if I was the problem – giving her too much pressure and breathing down her neck, she told me frankly that I was micromanaging.

This reminded me of what a colleague said about me – being a busybody – and another phrase she uses at times “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

I thought I was helping out to lighten the heavy workload but I didn’t expect it to be seen as micromanaging.  It’s very me to always offer a hand without others asking for it, and this has prompted my colleague to make the forementioned comment.

Perhaps like what Jun said, I was overly enthusiastic.

Lesson learnt.  I’ll take a hands-off approach from now on.

When she said she wanted to quit, my first thought was I’d be the first president/president-elect in the club’s decades of history to drive an exco member to resign even before the term has started.

I couldn’t help but feeling down and teary-eyed because of this episode and an incident of whether we should host the contests which prompted Edward to raise his concern.  Jun has said Edward wouldn’t speak up unless the matter is serious.

I didn’t expect him to have an issue so early in my term (strictly speaking my reign hasn’t even begun).

How I wish I had not accepted the post. I was naive when I did it.

I’m sure they will remember me as the president who gives them trouble.







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