Toastmaster of the Day Episode 2

Having played the role of Toastmaster of the Day (TMD) in January led me to be complacent this time round.

I volunteered to be the TMD after seeing no takers despite Michelle’s repeated appeals. I have to confess I did not make much preparation, unlike my maiden attempt. Perhaps I was complacent, thinking that I could pull it off by tapping on my experience in January. I wasn’t satisfied with my performance today and I shall put in more efforts in future, I promise.

It was a small turnout today. There were only 11 of us, including the three speakers for projects. Edwin Chen (we had a guest by the name of Edwin at today’s meeting) won the best speaker. His description of his first boss was vivid. We might not have met this man but now we know his work style through the adjectives and analogies Edwin peppered throughout his speech. Edwin did his project 4, as did Zhe Wei. Both joined the club later than me but were ahead of me in doing their projects. I’m going at a slow pace but I tried to do some speaking as TMD and Table Topics master.

For today’s Table Topics, my topics were If I were X… what X would I be? Eg, if I were a smartphone app, what app would I be? I downloaded a roulette app to create the effect of spinning a wheel to draw a number to decide who will speak. Alas, the wheel does not accommodate the demand for skipping or removing a number after it’s been drawn.  I had to abandon the wheel midway.

As it was a small turnout, we ended earlier than usual. Next meeting is a month’s away. I SHOULD do my next project, hopefully.

Upon reflection of today’s role as TMD, I should have done these:

  • Welcome them to the 211th chapter meeting before reciting the mission.
  • Stress the importance of communication in the game Birthday Lineup, especially after a guest whose birthday was out of order.
  • Introduced the roles of and the Toastmasters playing the timer and ah-counter.
  • Briefly talk about the speakers and their speech titles.
  • Read out the title of Zhe Wei’s speech.


Below is the script for my TMD’s role today:

Good afternoon, the President, fellow Toastmasters and guests Let’s remind ourselves of Kampong Ubi Toastmasters Club’s mission by reciting it together. Please stand up. Thank you.

Game Birthday Lineup

Explain that this is a silent game. Nobody is to communicate by speaking. Instead they must use gestures. Lip reading is not allowed. The object of the game is to line up in birthday order. For example people born in January will be at the head of the line and people in December will be at the end. Only month and date are use. Years are ignored. When everyone is in the line, they may say their birthday out loud to see if they got the order correct.

It seems like yesterday when Michelle addressed us at the first meeting of the year on the theme New Year New Beginning. In the blink of an eye, a quarter has almost passed. Have you taken stock of what you have done in these three months? In particular, are you satisfied with your efforts in Toastmasters?

When Garry delivered the opening address at the end of February, he said the club has some 120 members but only about 20 would attend each meeting. He wanted us to remind ourselves why we walked through that door. A timely reminder indeed. I, for one, am guilty of not conscientiously doing my projects. I would like to confess I did only one project this quarter.

But many of you have made greater progress. Eg Taichi enlightened us on what apnea was, intrigued us with the gorilla most of us had missed in Seeing is not Beliving and refreshed our knowledge of secondary school mathematics in his contest speech on Pythagarus Theorem. He and Pradeep, Jamie, Lynn and Antonius took part in the club contests marking milestones in their Toastmaster journey. Kudos to them. Pradeep did us proud by talking his way, pun intended, into Area Contest championship.

I was the timer for our club’s contest. In case you mistake that I joined the club just to be the ah counter or timer, I’m proving you wrong. I’m your the Toastmaster of the Day and Table Topics master today. Let’s have fun today and keep on speaking…


We have got Toastmasters delivering prepared speeches. Each has ★★ minutes to speak.


Today’s timer ★★ would flash at the ★th minute flash the green card, ★th minute the yellow card, the ★th minute the red card followed by a buzz at ★.5 minutes.

◆Ah counter

keeps track of the pause-fillers a Toastmaster uses in his or her speeches, eg umm, so, etc. We will have the timer and ah counter to deliver their reports later.

Table Topics

an excellent way to help members develop their ability to organize their thoughts quickly and respond to an impromptu question or topic. Today’s topics are: If I were…


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