Speech Contests


The club organised its speech contests today and there were four contestants in both International Speech and Table Topics Speech.

I admire the contestants for their courage in participating and talking in front of not only members but visitors who helped to serve as judges.

Taichi spoke about a book he read on Hardest Problem Ever and it’s related to pythagoras theorem. This was so Taichi, his speech topics are always scientific/mathematical.

Pradeep took the inspiring route – I have observed this as a favourite genre of Toastmasters’ speeches – and recounted how he made it as a lawyer and urged us to scale the Mt. Everest in us in his speech entitled Right to Dream the Impossible Dream.  Pradeep has not only scaled the Everest in the pursuit of his legal studies but won the championship in this contest.

Lynn talked about a mother teaching her daughter to exhibit the traits of coffee beans in the face of adversities, turning the unfavourable situation into your favour.  I was the only one who admitted to being a carrot, weakening when encountered challenges.

Mentor  Anthonious’ speech Less is More won him first runner-up.

Table Topic: What’s your greatest fear?

I was impressed by Taichi and Jamie for being able to relate the topic to public speaking. What an apt subject to talk about.  I thought Taichi spoke well and would have won. What a shame but I saw the improvement in him.  And I admire his consistency in delivering his projects.

Congratulations, every participant,  whether you have won or not.  Your effort matters.



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