Visual Illusion


We met on the eve of Valentine’s Day but none of the prepared speeches touched on this festival for lovers.

Taichi talked about what we see might not be the truth or the complete picture.  He illustrated the message with some compelling examples and I was very impressed.

Taichi spoke about apnoea for his last project and I found his topics intriguing. Perhaps his interests in scientific contents could explain his dislike for horror movies.  He couldn’t understand why moviegoers would want to watch a show that they are scared of.  He perhaps needs scientific explanation for this before he is able to accept that people go for the thrills,  just like why people take rollercoaster rides.

Edwin presented a sobering picture of gambling.  Gamblers paid a price for this vice – some even lost their lives.

Zhe Wei’s moral of his speech is the lessons to be learned from monkeys.  What an apt topic, given that we have just stepped into the year of the Monkey.  This made me ashamed because I have not progressed to the next project as I have not been able to find a suitable topic.  I should learn from Zhe Wei in drawing ideas from everyday life.

Zhe Wei reminded us to let go of worldly possessions when necessary through an anecdote of a monkey falling prey to trap and could have been able to extricate itself if it was willing  to let go of the bait.  He then used Journey to the West’s fictional character Monkey King to remind us to be versatile and adaptable as the Monkey King. This is appropriate in times of changes.

Garry entertained us with his jokes on husband and wife given that the following day being Valentine’s Day. His jokes weren’t conventional yet very entertaining. His wife must feel amused having such a humorous partner always lightening up her day.

It has been quite some time since I last spoke on a table topic yet I avoided making eye contact with Jun when he asked for volunteers. Aint I being Toastmaster to improve my public speaking skills but why I did not take up the opportunity to speak? Perhaps I’m getting comfortable being the timer or ah-counter. I must not waste such opportunities or my time attending but not making good use of the meeting.


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