The Only One…

I have been looking forward to toastmasters’ club meeting since last week.  In fact I wished there was a meeting last Saturday.  Not that I had a particular speech to make but I thought it would be good to ride on the momentum.

Not a person who likes to be late – I would get flustered if i do, I hurried my lunch and coffee so that I would be punctual for today’s meeting.  Can you imagine my disappointment when I saw the meeting room was empty?  I started to doubt myself: did I go to the right room, was this the second Saturday of the month, etc.

I went to the office of the community club to enquire and was told the key to the meeting room hadn’t been collected.  Still holding out hope, I made my way to the third level again but it was dark and empty.

I whatsapp-ed Reuben, whose handphone number was the only one I had, after he messaged me weeks ago on my membership. No response. i googled Kampong Ubi Toastmasters’ Club to find the handphone number of the president, Jun.  He only replied as I was leaving the community club.  He said there was COT; therefore there’s no meeting today and it was announced at the whatsapp group chat.

I am not in THEIR group chat.

Yes, they had forgotten about me.  Forgotten about me and me alone.  I had rushed over for nothing.  I had wasted almost half an hour trying to make out what happened and wondered if it was my mistake.  At one point I even questioned if this was a fly-by-night club.


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